drawing of Croscosmia by Blanche Benton

Crocosmia (#51)

Today is actually Bill’s 84th birthday! He has been a great supporter of me and my art pursuits. Thanks Bill for helping me put on such a great party and art show.

One of the many things that has touched me about this process is how the different pieces of art make a connection in someone else’s life. The Crocosmia picture, for example (#51) was purchased by a friend of mine – we both grew those flowers in our gardens.

Here’s what another friend said about her purchase of “Chair‚”(#30):

“So pleased you thought of me for your art show. You should be so proud of yourself with all your many gifts and talents. I gave Deidre your lovely painting of the French 18th century chair. We are going tomorrow to get it framed. Her birthday is in November and I knew she would love because she has two of my hand made chairs just like the picture.”

These are some of the other comments I have received:

Hi Mom! I love your work and am so happy that I was able to be there with you and all the family. I am going to work on a short movie next from the day of the show. – Roxanne Darling, daughter

Mom, This is a great website you’ve put together (with Roxy’s help). Your artwork looks great but it looked even better in person! With all the fires in California I’m glad I was able to make the trip to Michigan to be at the art show. – Nancy Lievois, daughter

Hi Grandma Blanche, Great website you put together with Roxy, and i absolutely love the artwork! Now i can brag to my friends that my grandma is an artist and knows how to make a website on the internet . Also happy birthday to Grandpa Bill. My favorite painting was probably the portrait of Grandpa Bill. I wish i could have made the art show! – Tyler, grandson

Grandma Blanche, your artwork is amazing, you must have spent hours and hours on some of those keep up with it, i love artwork and would love to see more of your stuff on the website! good luck with your work – Jordan, grandson

“Mr. & Mrs.B,”….. What can I say but I sure am impressed with all you two have been up with in the past few years and way before then I guess!!!! The picture of the 2 of you is great!! I look forward to seeing you in Florida. I love the artwork!!! Did not know about this hidden talent of yours!! I like the “Pink Vase” picture, but don’t see a price on it??? Take care, Love you Both!! Oh! Happy Birthday also Bill!! – Connie McIntosh

Hi Mrs. Benton, this is a wonderful web site and I LOVE your art work I especially like the Models….the “teenager” especially. Do you think it is because I am surrounded by teenagers constantly?! I really wished I could have made it to your show. Invite me again please. Love, Mary Jo (Banyai/Nagle)

Aunt Blanche, Great show. I particularly liked the still life’s, Wheat Field and of course your portrait of Bill. Wish we could have made the show, and appreciate Roxanne putting the web site together so we could enjoy your work. – David Lampke

Greetings; I found your site through Roxanne and enjoy your work. It’s really fun to see the world through another person’s eyes. Thank you for sharing! I was always drawing pics of cars and palm trees as a kid but it was always doodling, nothing in the way of a complete composition. Three of the neighbor ladies painted as a hobby. However it was Loy (Mrs. Green) who lived next door, that attempted to teach her youngest daughter Betsy and me how to paint once or twice – I though it was difficult. Loy took us to ceramic glasses regularly too. She followed the lesson and Betsy and I did our own thing (including lots of giggling), and that was a lot easier… (smile) Ah, great memories – thank you! The video of the party looks like you had a hoot too – congrats! Oceans of Aloha from San Diego, CA

I enjoyed Roxanne’s video of your art show and think it’s wonderful that you decided to “show the world” what you’ve been up to all these years. I hope you’ll continue with your sketching and it’s never to early to start planning for your next exhibition! – Kate I

Aunt Blanche, Can’t believe you have kept your wonderful art work hidden for so many years. You are very talented! Were your coloring contests at the beach a clever search for other talented family members? You & Uncle Bill continue to inspire me with your love and zest for life. – Susan Scott